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Oct 15, 2014
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This is a pale ale I made 3 weeks ago using old yeast slurry. The yeast slurry was also used on a different batch at the same period and turned out fine.

My camera wouldn't focus on it, but to me it looked like a thin layer of fat floating on the surface. Obviously it's not fat, but when I skimmed it off the surface it felt like it was a fragile, solid mass floating on the surface. It wasn't there 2 weeks ago when I checked the FG. It fermented to the expected FG of 1.012. The beer smells like the last few batches of this recipe I made.

Any idea what this is? Is my beer ruined? What should I do?/What would you do?


This is the first time this has happened in a year of brewing :confused:

I'm tempted to keg it and try it. That way if it is bad, I didn't waste a bunch of time bottling it...
Oh my god you need to send this to me for proper disposal.
It looks like krausen that didn't fall out no worries.
Oh man, if I had a *inset noun* for every one of these threads...

hope you closed it up quickly and sanitarily. Ive seen some instances where the brewer likely introduced an infection by taking the lid entirely off and taking the time to get a good picture