What I had to do last night to fix an airlock overflow :)

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Mar 29, 2005
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San Diego, CA
I had to rig a contraption to keep my airlock from backing up and messing up my ferment.

I took the cap and bubble out of the airlock and connected hose to the inner stem and then the hose into a second, smaller bucket with iodophor solution in it.

This seems to have worked. Anything wrong with what I'm doing?
Nope, I did that myself. The only other thing I did was cut off the little tip of the airlock to give it a little more flow capability. Now I just keep the one I cut around for blow-off situations if (when) they come up again.
Thanks...it seems to have worked pretty well and considering the amount of bubbling I'm still getting, I doubt there was any contamination since the outward CO2 flow mostly kept anything from getting in.

I may just do that from now on with a batch so I can maximize my batch instead of leaving too much headspace and losing a few bottles worth of beer ;)