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My 2" Hop Bong, Butterfly Valve, Clamps, and Gaskets arrived from BrewHardware while I was away on business....pretty excited to give it a whirl!
Dry hopped my WCIPA

50g Cryo Citra
50g Cryo Amarillo
60g Strata

Not an especially typical WCIPA hopping bill and also a bit lower than I'd normally be shooting for (only 6g/L) but probably closer to 10 in reality accounting for the Cryo stuff.

Pretty excited about this one, it's smelling great.
This is a thread intended for anyone that does anything related to home brewing. You can post any thing you want as long as it was what you did today. What I did was make a Stout. If you made a chiller, brew pot, ordered hops, ordered grain, brewed a beer, made your first beer, whatever... what did you do for beer today?
Today is Father's Day - so I am cooking up a Father's Day Nut Brown Ale.

I now keep photos in my wallet where my money used to be. :)
Finally I'm back from a week long vacation trip around the northern European countries: Sweden, Åland (look it up!) and Poland, and the subsequent business trip close to the Dutch border participating in a fair - and of course voting for the European elections.
I tasted some local beers all around there... although I had some Finish beer in Åland, because there's no local beer there because of the awful water taste from a brewers perspective (they even seem to import water for the coffee). The Polish cherry ale was very tasty, so I think about trying something similar in the near future by myself (the last try with fruits in a beer ended up gushing all over my kitchen table and sink.

And last but not least I bottled my Summer Lager /w ginger and orange peel.

Side note (without wanting to get (too?) political at this point), because I'm glad to share it and this is important to me, experience-wise: within the last two weeks I've started in Germany and I've been to Austria, Sweden, Åland (yes, kinda Finland), Poland, and the Netherlands - without the need of carrying my passport with me and being able to pay in 4 of these countries with the same currency. Being able to do that and just hop across borders to have a local beer there (and do some other stuff there as well) is totally awesome. So... I'm glad to be able to vote for this experience, because it's like a huge beer garden table: the more people sitting there and enjoying it, the better it gets.
Brewing on the hottest day of 2024 (so far)?

Post strike mash temp Nailed at 150°F (Thanks, Beersmith!).


Had to split up my over built 1318, two jars to pitch and one to stash...


Recirculation settled in nicely...




Fly sparge started. So far no hiccups!


[edit2] SO close to a boil over while I was cleaning the MLT :oops: Yikes!


Missed my pre boil gravity by one point, otherwise aside from a near disaster it's going well...


170°F hop whirlpooling in progress...


It's going well enough to sneak in some lunch!


[last edit] Carboys filled, gassed, and stuffed in Chamber 2 next to a Juicy Bits batch I'll be kegging tomorrow.


Hit all numbers aside from the OG missing one point. I can live with that :)

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Today I went to Airgas to exchange my 20 pound CO2 siphon tank which was down to its last pound and I had beer to keg! I had to deal with a new-to-me employee who had very strange ideas on what one can actually do with a siphon tank. As in "Oh - you're going to fill smaller tanks from it? In that case I can't sell you this tank".

Now, one should be wondering at that point "If that's the case, what the %&#@ can anyone do with a siphon tank?" Which is what I said out loud.

After some back and forthing and me whipping out my phone and giving the salesperson a tour of my brewery with the multitude of cylinders he finally admitted it wasn't a legal thing, it was a bottom line thing: they don't want people saving money filling their own tanks. Well, eff that, son. Just pretend I never mentioned it and write up the damned invoice so I can get out of here. Sheesh.

I had put my three nearly empty 5 pounders in freezer compartments before I left so when I got home I could fill them all in one shot and get the maximum fill on each. I was able to get just over 4 pounds in each cylinder. That's a little over a half pound more than if I hadn't chilled them first.


After filling the cylinders I returned them back to their respective stations, then set about kegging the 10th batch of my Juicy Bits clone.


While all this was going on I was being serenaded by the bubbling sounds from yesterday's Fantastic Haze brew. It had started chugging before I went to bed last night and was really ripping today. I love a strong fermentation :rock: Too bad all 16 kegs are busy and all that CO2 is going to waste...

A thing of beauty right there! :)


After emptying the stocks of any base malts with a leftover brew I need to order more stuff. It costs £18 to send a parcel because of my remote location so I like to order to the max weight I can to make the most value out of it.

Today I have been planning my next few beers. Will be making an Old Ale, Munich Dunkel, Helles, Gose, Dark Mild and two Watery Bitters. I might buy some more hops off another supplier, I wasn't all that impressed with what was on offer.

Order Details:
Weyermann Munich Type 2 Malt - Uncrushed (g): 2500 £6.00
Weyermann Munich Type 1 Malt - Uncrushed (g): 2000 £5.60
Pilsner Malt – Bestmalz - Uncrushed (g): 7200 £19.44
Wheat Malt - Crisp Malting - Crushed (g): 2000 £4.40
Maris Otter Ale Malt - Crisp Malting - Uncrushed (g): 7500 £16.50
Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise - Thomas Fawcett - Uncrushed (g): 7500 £17.25
WHC Lab Low Rider Mk2 Brewing Yeast 11g × 2 £7.98
WHC Lab Bond Brewing Yeast 11g × 2 £5.98
WHC Lab Einstein Lager Brewing Yeast 11g × 2 £8.00
Lallemand Nottingham High Performance Ale Yeast 11g × 1 £3.95
Saaz Hop Pellets 2022 (g): 100 £4.00
Hallertauer Mittelfruh Hop Pellets 2023 (g): 150 £6.00
East Kent Goldings Hop Pellets 2023 (g): 250 £8.75
Chemclean Powder 400g × 1 £4.95
VWP Powder 400g × 1 £4.95

Subtotal: £123.75
Shipping: £18.00 via Parcel Force Express 48
Total: £141.75
(includes £23.61 VAT)
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Went to the Health Food store that sells brewing equipment and picked up a sachet of SafCider TF-6 and 34/70, some KSorbate, and Fermax. Stopped by the grocery for some Honeycrisp Apple Cider, orange blossom honey, and frozen apple juice concentrate.

I plan to start a new batch of hard Cider Monday once I bottle the Cinnamon Cyser currently occupying my 1 gal fermentation jug. I stabilized the Cyser last night, I’ll back sweeten it with the frozen apple juice concentrate and honey tonight, and clarify it Sat and Sun (2 step process).

The 34/70 I picked up today will be added to a on-hand sachet for a Märzen the following week.
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Wrote a quick and dirty summer Hefeweizen recipe to brew next week. I'm intending on making only my second foray into decoction mashing.

OG 1.053
FG 1.012
ABV 5.4%
EBC 8.5
IBU 12

50% Crisp Wheat
45% Floor Malted Warminster Pilsner
5% CaraHell

45g Hallertau Mittelfreuh at 30m
45g Hallertau Mittelfreuh at 5m

1pkt WHC Banana Split

I'll also be pulling the remaining gallon or so of my rum barrel aged red rye IPA off the kegerator and replacing it with my WCIPA, and probably getting sorted sone bottles of it and my DH Saison for my local home brew club in a couple of weeks.
Ordered 2 Blowtie 2's with CM Becker disconnects and a new Taprite CO2 regulator. The 15 year old Taprite regulator I have now still works fine, but I'm going to swap out the old and the new and use the old 1 for my Jockey Box build I have going. Free shipping and a code for $25 off. Been holding out, but couldn't resist this deal.
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I am brewing today a German steam beer, two days late. One problem popped up because I forgot to reconnect the hop dispenser after cleaning the other day. The system diagnostics help with most problems and guide the brewer on what to look for.


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Today I brewed a Bavarian Weizen Hell using the maltase and high gravity process combined. This time I pulled out my 30l system after 4 small batches out of the Utility Muffin Beer Research Kitchen.

6kg grains (50% Pilsener malt, 50% Wheat malt)
19l mash water

mash in: 4,5kg grains + 10l @ 69°C (156°F) -> 62°C (143°F), 40min
heating: -> 70°C (158°F), 15min
infusion: 9,0l 15°C (59°F) + 1,5kg grains -> 45°F (113°F), 45min
heating: -> 72°C (162°F) 30min
mash out: -> 78°C (172°F)

lautering with 15l sparging water

boiling: 70min
10g Hallertauer Perle (10a) @ t-70'
10g Hallertauer Perle (10a) @ t-10'
5g Hallertauer Perle (10a) @ flame out / whirlpool

Yeast: Fermentis SalAle WB-06

I expected 29l at 1,060 SG in the wort pan, but ended up with 27l. No big deal for me as I planned to dilute it anyway down to about 12°P.
Adding ~7l of water after boiling I ended at 11,8°P / 1,049 OG and 13 IBU.
Best guess, the grain-water-ratio mashing in was too low, but then I would have had some trouble getting down to 45° (113°F) with the infusion, at our actual cold water temperature from the tap. Next time I will try to prepare some ice blocks.

Why using the maltese process instead of just using sugar while boiling? It's about the challenge - and trying something new.

Here are some pics:

Steamcleaning the fermenter:

milling the grains:

mashing in:

brewers break (Bavarian Weißwurst, Prezel, sweet mustard and my cold extraction lager)

transfering into the lauter vat:

lautering and sparging:

cilling in the fermeter to pitching temperature:

and finally (the necessary evil) cleaning:
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Kegging today!!
I’ve been letting yeast have extra time lately, 20 days to keg instead of 14 days. I think it’s a been a benefit, just a little lower final gravity! The Bunny Bitters will go on beer engine, ready for family arrival over the Fourth week.
Also did a keg to keg transfer! I’ve aged my favorite milk stout ( 5g corny) for 3 months and decided to fill a 3g corny and bottle the rest for bottle exchange group. Process was great, all no oxygen transfers with CO2. The 3gal is carbed for 2 volumes so should be good on Nitro tap! The remainder in the 5 gal corny will be bottled tomorrow.
Dumped the IPA since it was terrible, kicked the common, cleaned both kegs & lines, kegged the Fredersdorfer bier & keptinis and put them on tap, did a new batch of hop water. Going to be a bit before I really need more beer, but I had time today so brewed an oatmeal stout.
Packaging day! I didn’t have much happening on the bottle exchange until I sent a text to a few folks; now I have 3 cases to exchange before the weekend, Perfect!!! Started cold crash on a couple carboys so kegging over the weekend. All stocked up for Fourth and 90th BDay party for father in law the next weekend!
What a great hobby!

I’m planning to take the BJCP tasting exam in the fall so I filled out my first complete score sheet for a La Fin Du Monde. Have a basement fridge full of “classic examples” I’m planning to work through.

Also pulled out a bottle of an Amber Ale that I submitted to a competition back in April. It scored pretty middle of the road. I heard a tip to keep a bottle or two of your submissions and retaste when you get your scoresheet. It was infected unfortunately and now I’m wondering if all bottles were or even the entire keg but the different times of warm exposure (stored this bottled at basement temps) led to different levels of bacterial off flavors. It’s possible some of the negative comments were infection derived but not as present as my older bottle. Not that I really thought it deserved better!
As sometimes happens, I've been absent a while. Nothing wrong, just other things got in the way. Like we got netflix in the last jousting tournament with ExFinItyeet. Been binging and not much brewing. BTW Young Sheldon is a wonderful show filled with sciencey stuff and also family comedy and drama.

Anyway, today got out of work early and doing a quick brewday because the last couple of weekends been doing other things. So why not brew in my hot garage on an 80° day? (pause to fling sweat from brow). On the boil now, and oh boy are my neighbors glad I don't brew with the door open. Mainly because warm in here and I found my extremely worn tank top from that trip to jackson hole. Yes I've been drinking, why do you ask? Oh yeah, doing another pseudolager on some proven novalager slurry. Trying to have it done in 10 days or less. Because not enough brewing.
Grabbed a 60lb storage bin on clearance for $17 and some change!

Next to grab a bag of Maris Otter or some plain old two row to throw in there. Excited!

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I have two of those lovelies for my base malts. Also dog and cat food. Cannot beat them for stackability and just general keeping critters out of grain/pet food.

*edit I have FOUR of those lovelies. Because dog and cat food don't mix with base malts very well.
It's Brewsday for me but I'm at the beach working for a couple of weeks making me miss my scheduled brew day. I was scheduled to brew an IPA today and since I'm away from home and can't brew, I stopped by Idyll Hounds Brewery in Santa Rosa Beach and scheduled a pick up of a Sixtel of one of the best Citra forward hopped IPAs that I know of. While I was there of course I sample 4 others and came home with a six pack of their Ghost Crab Pilsner, a down right tasty brew. Very clean, crisp and effervescent. Gold in color totally transparent and refreshing.