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Don't judge it right away, big stouts improve with age- especially if you expose them to wood . Either way though it's going to change probably for the better.
Now I'm going to wait and see how this one turns out, then I'll try it over time to see the evolution, and the next time I make a stout I'll put it in wood to compare (I want to try putting it in a barrel for a few months, instead of using shavings)
But thanks for the tip, one day I'll let you know how it went
Many things. Took yesterday and this Monday off, had originally planned to go to Spokane to visit a friend but that fell through. Using these free days to set the garage to rights, and brew at least once. Kegged the pseudolager on Novalager this morning, made a starter for tomorrow's Peach Kolsch, milled grain and got water set up for said batch, cleaned a couple of fermenters. Tomorrow during brewday will clean the empty kegs, and clean kegerator beer lines (much overdue).
I screwed up today and broke one of two polycarbonate windows of the toy home brewery door.
I’ve been beery busy since last Wednesday, getting my keg ready (first time doing a closed transfer) for a fundraiser poured at said event, sampled many beers- good times. Today I’ve packaged a small batch of Belgian Blond, some for competition some kegged for future enjoyment and sharing.

The rest of my week will be getting things together for my HBC’s competition and stewarding.
Been hot in the front range and our cooler’s waiting for a solenoid valve from The land of Auz so why not escape to the workshop, watch the French Open and beer stuff. Good news, someone coming by later this week for 15g oak barrel. Then I’m getting a 2.5 or 5g version for aging spirits and heavy beers, a fun rotation!
So I’m cleaning bottles from exchange and brewing a mango sour ale… Wildbrew Philly yeast with can of mango purée…. 8# 2 row and 1/2# crystal 55. Should be good for summer thirst.


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Just finished mashing a WCIPA. Started heating my strike water originally planning on doing a Best Bitter, but digging through my hop selection I've got a couple of open bags of Citra and Amarillo I'd like to use up so whipped up a super quick recipe.


42.5% Czech Pilsner
42.5% Golden Promise
10% Barke Munich
5% Crystal T50

1.062 OG
1.012 FG

WHC Old English (2 packs)
65 IBU

10 IBU of Flex bittering extract @30
10g each Amarillo Cryo/Citra Cryo at 15 minutes
15g each Amarillo Cryo/Citra Cryo/Strata at 5 minutes
25g/25g/45g Amarillo Cryo/Citra Cryo/Strata at 75°C whirlpool
50g/50g/40g Amarillo Cryo/Citra Cryo/Strata dry hop
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Still exhausted.. Yesterday was club’s (Foam on the Range) Iron Brewer event at Brew Hut LHBS. 9 brewers threw darts to determine their product style, re-throws if you’d take a special ingredient. 6 extract and 3 all grain brews, a T-storm passed to the north adding to the excitement. Brewing done by 230pm with a couple hours of post event following…
Brews are judged by popular vote at Club picnic in August.
I brewed an all grain London Porter that I’ll serve off a beer engine…
A bit of a potpourri day in the brewery. Started by swapping out a kicked keg of my Juicy Bits clone for a keg of my all-Citra hazy...


Found a long "lost" keg sitting in my keezer without a label. I had filled it and a few other kegs with water as kegs kicked over the fall to keep the keezer "balanced" while I was recovering from another leg surgery. Once I started brewing again this February I gradually replaced the water-filled kegs with beer-filled kegs, but somehow lost track of this straggler. Good timing as I need two empty kegs for my new batch of Juicy Bits in a few days. Fired up the Mark II and cleaned that keg and the one that kicked last night...


Mixed up some fresh 25% Phosphoric Acid...


Checked my refractometer calibration with DI water. Dead nuts zero point zero...


Did a full calibration of my Apera PH60 meter.


Time to chill...

Working on updating some of my paper written recipes into brewing software. Getting ready for my trip, knocking out some last minute ideas and gathering reading material. Planning my time in Milwaukee with a few beer stops on kind of rough trip.

Oh, and making sure my laptop is ready for work on my new website
Brewed a half batch of Ron Pattinson's 1971 Boddington's recipe; I hit all of my numbers can't wait! Sorry for the bad lighting in the pic.

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I was appalled at my photo so here is a much better one hopefully of the Bodds fermenting (it's already dropped 8 points since yesterday evening). It smells divine by the way!


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To be honest I pretty much stopped changing things by the fifth batch or so. Mostly I was playing around with dry hop schedule but since Janish came out with the short and cool approach to dry hopping that's what I went with and have stuck with it since. The beer has been a solid favorite for a long time now...