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Jan 16, 2007
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Two days ago I brewed a B3 American Wheat Ale with the hopes of adding some apricot flavoring and extra hops (Hallertau) to try it out. I've tasted Snowshoe Brewing's Apricot Wheat, and I was loosely trying to replicate that. Well, initial fermentation started approx. 22hours after pitching the WLP001 (Cal. Ale). The problem now is krausen. I'm not seeing the krausen rise, but almost seeing krausen sinking:( . What I mean is at the top of the carboy is a VERY thin krausen and underneath is something that doesn't look right. Like if the krausen is chillin' in the wort.
Did I make a mistake by pitching the extract flavoring when I pitched my yeast? Should I have waited until primary fermentation is done before I pitched the flavoring? And my last question is my wort done for?
Nope- yep and nope. Add the flavoring at bottling time, and I too have had batches where the krausen just does not feel like busting out of the airlock. Its no biggy.
I don't know a tun, but I doubt that adding the flavoring when you did Ruined it- its just a much less effective time to pitch it. Perhaps pitching more later will be something to consider- I know those who can answer that will.
I think your beer should be fine.
I think you'll be fine. not all yeast strains will krausen the same.

and its never 'done for' until you let it run its course, give it a little time to mature, and then pass final judgement.

before you rack to the bottling bucket, taste it. you may need to adjust the apricot flavor. normally this is when you'd add flavor extracts, so you can flavor to taste. some extracts are easy to over do.