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Jan 18, 2020
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South Bend
I made this:


which I got from (2.5-gallon batch):

3.25 lbs. English pale
1 lb. Mecca Grade Opal 44
1 lb. white wheat
1 lb. Munich
0.25 lb. Carafa II Special
0.25 lb. Caramunich I
0.25 lb. pale chocolate
0.15 lb. Carapils
1 lb. muscovado sugar

8 g Magnum (14.3%) @ 60 min.
16 g Spalt (4.0%) @ 10 min.

Safale K-97 @ 60 F

OG 1.087/FG 1.024/8.0% ABV/40 IBUs (calculated)

It was kind of supposed to be an altbier recipe, but then things went off the rails with the Opal 44 and the muscovado. It's delicious, kind of doppelbocky except it's not a lager, and it's roastier and a little sweeter. When I serve it to friends, I want to at least give them a style ballpark as a reference. (I've given up on the idea of entering it in a competition, for want of a category.) What do folks think?

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