What can I brew with soft white wheat?

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Jul 5, 2011
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Red Bank
I have a 55# of maris otter and I just picked up a 50# bag of soft white wheat. I would like to brew a kriek or heffeweizan and was wonder how I could use my wheat to accomplish one of those goals.
I have 1056 american ale, Imeperial Sour Batch F08, and German lager WLP830 yeast options, Willamette, Cascade, Fuggle, Hallertau Blanc for hop options, and 5# Munich and 1+# crystal 60, 0.5# American pale in the stash.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.
Use white wheat in everything! I throw 10-20% into every IPA, most American styles, and of course the above-mentioned Hefeweizen.

You could make a totally respectable though perhaps not traditional hefe with 50-50 wheat/Maris and nothing else. But I’d probably throw in Munich at ~10%, and I’d think about a little bit of the C60 and then decide against it. Use any of your hops for bittering, and then a little Fuggle or Willamette at 20 minutes (also not traditional but I think it might work.). But for a hefe you’re going to need different yeast, no way around it: WY3068/WLP300.

With just what you have on hand, an American wheat is doable. Again, 50/50 wheat/MO, and this time you say yes to some of the crystal. Lots of Cascade, maybe some Willamette, 1056.

Wheat malt is also delicious to snack on.
Soft white wheat is good for anything with wheat, really. It's perfectly fine for the beers you say you want to brew. I am personally more of a fan of red wheat because it has more flavor but I've brewed plenty with white wheat, too. The benefits of white wheat are it is light in color so it won't throw off the appearance of any beer and in those beers where you want to use wheat but not necessarily get a strong wheat flavor it is the superior choice. Keep in mind that if you want to extract soluable starch in an appreciable amount you will need to gelatinize it in a cereal mash. If you want to treat it like a specialty malt or just to extract protein for body I wouldn't worry about it.
Yeah, it's unmalted whole wheat berries. I got it for baking but wanted to see if I could brew with it.
You can actually also brew a German style wheat beer with it. It won't be traditional, but I bet it will taste traditional. I don't taste much difference between unmalted and malted wheat. I used up to 50% unmalted wheat in my saisons, it will be pretty pale but still also pretty good :D... Probably.

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