What came in the mail for you today?

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Green or already roasted? And where are you ordering from? I've been ordering light roasted beans from Peets, and we generally receive them 2-5 days after they're roasted. I've been kicking around ordering from somewhere else, but I don't want to get tied to a auto-send plan until I settle in on something I like.
Green. I bought a used roaster, Behmor, from a user here and have been "experimenting" with doing it myself. It is super easy and takes litterally 20 to 30 minutes to do. That included warming up the roaster, roasting the beans and cooling off the unit. I can do 1/2 pound at a time, and usually do 1 to 2 pounds a session before I need to give it a quick cleaning. I get my beans from CBC. I think my wife ordered the beans two or three days ago and they showed up this morning.

What I have found, is that big stores like Peets, Starbucks and others have a distinct burned flavor to them. At first I thought mine was just too weak, but then I realized it is the flavor coming out, not the burn of the beans, if that makes sense. If you can find a used roaster, the beans themselves are about 8 bucks a pound. Like brewing beer, it is fun and you get to actually consume the results. LOL.

Sorry to hijack thread. Rock on!!!!!
Auber EZboil 320A
2.5" x 1/2" NPT temp probe
Chassis receptacle and 8ft connecting cable for temp probe.

Minor cosmetic damage, which is not surprising considering the relative flimsiness of the packaging. Hopefully I can buff out the scuffs, because it's really not enough to return it for and the replacement could easily wind up getting dinged up even worse. The tower hasn't arrived yet so I can't put it together anyway. On the plus side, it holds three kegs easily. Even my converted pinlocks.
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Haven't posted here for while. Most mail order shipments are ingredients and an occasional piece of equipment. But today I received an ingredient that I am particularly interested in using. Rum barrel chips. I intend to brew a porter that will relic a pint of porter featuring a shot of Coffee Liqueur. This brew is scheduled for August 6, 24. Mean while I'll be developing the recipe.
My Grand Master I badge from the Master Homebrewer Program came Saturday! (Blurry look on letters is just light reflection) If you enter beer comps and are not familiar with the Master Homebrewer Program (MHP), check their page out. MHP

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A big (well, big for me) base malt restock.

25kg sack of my absolute favourite ale malt, Warminster Floor Malted Maris Otter.
10kg of Muntons Pilsner
6kg of Crisp Wheat

I'm shifting around my brewing order to get in a couple of lower ABV brews over the next few weeks, so also picked up

100g of Hallertau Mittelfreuh and a pack of WHC Banana Split for a 5.4% Hefeweizen (50% Wheat, 45% Pilsner, 5% CaraHell)

100g of Bramling Cross for a 5% Best Bitter (88% Maris Otter, 7% 100EBC Light Crystal 5% Wheat, fermented with WHC Olde English)
Four new Mopar TPMS sensors for the 2nd set of wheels for the Jeep. I try to buy local, but for $80 difference in cost I ordered.

Arrived earlier than expected, even.

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