What came in the mail for you today?

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A few goodies from Brew Hardware, including some Lalbrew Koln yeast with an expiration date of Oct 2023. 😐
You know it’s still good, but it should have been at a discount and with your knowledge.

We would never intentionally send any product past it's BBD without first checking in with the customer.

If we pull it and notice it's past that date and it's the first time we've became aware of it, we ask if you still want it and offer it at half price.

If we ship one past it's BBD and we failed to notice on packing the box, AND the customer makes us aware of it, we refund for the yeast or offer to ship fresher ones. We know full well the customer will still use the older yeast as well, but it was our mistake so we own it.

Any additional packs we find in the fridge with that older BBD is proactively offered at half price as a separate SKU.

This mistake is not very common. Of the four people that can possibly pick and pack your order, three of them are active brewers and are more likely to think about perishable items. Unfortunately, the one non brewer is less likely to remember to check the dates and we're addressing that.

Running a store with 4500 unique SKUs, about a third of which are actively aging out is not an easy task and mistakes are obviously going to happen. All of our distributors make the same mistake with us and every other store as well. I've gotten entire cases of dry yeast that were 2 weeks away from the BBD. As we've entered the age of customers clawing their way to the bottom line price as the deciding factor on where to shop, we've had to increase our bulk purchase quantities to compete and sometimes we over estimate how many we can sell as the clock ticks.

The bottom line is that all vendors make mistakes and I think it's more important to judge them via how they deal with it once they are made aware of it. I own the company and as a homebrewer for the last 18 years, I treat my customer exactly how I would want to be treated if I were on the purchasing end.

Did you ever get in touch with the shop to make us aware of the mistake? If you did and someone blew you off, that's a completely different story.
After the recent and rather dramatic stout faucet episode I ordered up a pair of Krome Dispense #C2557 "Stout Tap Repair Kits" (they built my Taprite stout faucet) to have just in case, from https://installationpartssupply.com/ who happened to have them in stock with almost non-punitive shipping ;)



^^ That came first! ...It's been a while since I've ordered anything at all, but owing to a hard drive failure and some years-late reorganizing I ordered a couple 8T hard drives from western digital and UPS delivered them to the wrong house. Owing to disability, I have to spend most of my time on my couch or recliner (I refuse to live laying down!) so I was about 6' away from my front door when I casually checked the tracking page and found nothing on my porch....after entering my postal code to see thier 'proof of delivery' I saw someone else's porch and it took several phone calls, no call backs before I could tak to a human and eventually they couldn't deny my logic of "the driver is still out their on their route...call them now rather than make me 'file a claim' that will take 5-9 days for a response!!!
They did manage to catch the driver who did go and manage to retrieve my parcel and bring it to me. Not a good start to the day as I had also ordered a new HD-dock from newegg (delivered by Purolator) and since I was begrudging spending on non-brewing stuff, I treated myself to a Flotit from amazon so I can finally use my sanke with my Fermhead.
All here now and happy. :)
Used to order from them all the time. Then for a while it seemed like they stopped having the best deals. Then I stopped doing most of the stuff that I needed to order from them for.
4 One pound sacks of coffee beans. One the wife really likes and 3 to try. So far, out of the 8 to 10 pounds of different styles I have gotten two that she likes. LOL.
Green or already roasted? And where are you ordering from? I've been ordering light roasted beans from Peets, and we generally receive them 2-5 days after they're roasted. I've been kicking around ordering from somewhere else, but I don't want to get tied to a auto-send plan until I settle in on something I like.