What band do you listen to on brewing day?

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Lately my brew day music has been Devil Makes Three and Justin Townes Earle.

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Only two brew dates under my belt so far, but I am liking the bluegrass on brew day thing... Makes me feel a little like a bootlegger!
I have to admit, the first time I brewed I was so focused that I needed absolute silence. My second batch, I had Mobb Deep "The Infamous" album going and things were MUCH better.
I have found a Irish channel on Direct TV that I like to listen to and it relaxes me. I like folk music I guess I am getting old.
Alternative rock on verizon fios. Most of the time Pandora radio. Cinderella radio if I'm in a 80's hairband mood, toadies radio if I'm in a 90's mood, or megadeth if I'm in a classic metal groove :rockin:
Rift, Picture of Nectar, Hoist, White Album, Farm House, Billy Breathes, Lawn Boy, and much more!

I always brew with my 5 year old and rock out to "My Sweet One"!
I usually listen to Pandora, 90's rap, or grunge/alternative of the same era if Im in a rock mood. Usually rap though, Im a big hip hop head.

Im gonna be moving my brewing out of the kitchen into my shop, so I will be watching some sort of automotive based programming that I have tivo'd out there... :D
negro work songs from the 1800's by niel lomax and dick hyman... oh and lots of foreignor and doo wop, for me...
i mean foreignor the video game for the 2600
I've only brewed once but Tom Petty was what I had going.

I'm thinking for the next brew day I'll have Bob Marley in the mix. My collections is pretty eclectic so there's really no telling... John Mayer Trio maybe?
I absolutely love Andrews Sisters, Glenn Miller, Irving Berlin, Benny Goodman, anything USO. Pandora. Also, the Gunpowder and Lead Pandora station (Miranda Lambert).

Check out the Pistol Annies if you haven't already. It's a side project Miranda did with a couple other chicks, pretty good stuff.
Bluegrass! Ussally some sexfist, doc watson, barehand jug band, cornmeal ect. or do some jammin with some buddies when there is some down time!
I've been listening to the Black Keys of late. But am not afraid to mix it up with anything from hardcore rap to bluegrass. Good music can't be beat with a home brew!
Tomorrow I am gong to listen to Pandora, with Alice in Chains being the band that its all tied to.

Good weekend everybody
scarfaceshim said:
Which era of the black keys? its all about that chulahoma or rubber factory

I usually just shuffle all their albums except the latest (just downloaded it though). Great brew music!
Neural milk hotel
Presidents of the united states of america
Rx Bandits
Mark farina
Smashing pumpkins
Nine inch nails
Amon tobin
Gang starr
And various house or drum & bass mixes

Brewing isn't brewing without some tunes, and a big variety makes it even more enjoyable. Looking forward to brew day tomorrow!
cochise78 said:
I always listen to Lotus. Generally on headphones if the wife is home. Long mellow jams keep my head bobbing without being overly intrusive. About every five minutes or so I catch myself thinking, "Holy ****, these guys are badass." It makes the time fly by, and makes you wish brewing took a little bit longer.

Thanks for the introduction! I definitely dig it. Ever listen to shpongle or zilla? You might find some pleasurable moments in there
I listen to Devin Townsend mostly, also, The Gathering, Iron maiden's Live After Death album, Type O Negative, and maybe Annihilator.
i'm mostly into old school death metal, Swedish grind and prog rock but Slough Feg are hands down my favorite band ever. Peter Gabriel-era Genesis would probably be 2nd.
I checked this band out and they are awesome! Reminds a bit of old school Iron Maiden.

glad you liked them. one of the few bands these days where every album is absolute quality. i finally got to see them live after all these years when they played Dark Lord Day last year. i was near drunk off of Zombie Dust as well as christ knows what other beers having the time of my life raging on my air-guitar during their set. i let loose pretty good that night sparking Scalzi (their singer) to remark, "that guy with the beard is the #1 ***** eater in Indiana". right you are, Scalzi. right you are