What are you listening to (music!!!) right now? Embarrassing or not... share

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I think this was just released but it's an epic recording with too many participants to list here...


Saw Mark Knopfler in the Fall of 2019 at The Santa Barbara Bowl. Awesome venue overlooking Santa Barbara, and beyond to a gorgeous sunset over the Pacific Ocean. He played this song as the final song of his encore. Magical.
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Love this. Shout out to anyone driving a mack or kwopper on the big highway. I wonder if there are any drivers on this forum.

Darn, you really done it now. I've collected truck songs for years. Have a class A commercial, but almost all local driving, which does not really count. Anyway, Here are a few of my favorites;



Needless to say, the list goes on. [;
I'm listening to Les McCain on vinyl. The album Much Les. It stays solid in the groove, clean and powerful piano jazz. I couldn't stay seated during "Burnin' Coal".

I have a few quart mason jars of Double Grape that just reached their 45-day cure. I thought I'd do a little quality control test and see how they stood up to one of my favorite modern jazz albums (1969). Well, the nuggs are AWESOME, but the album is even better. It's probably been ten years since I spun it, dunno why. It's so good, I'm putting on Les McCann and Eddie Harris album "Swiss Movement" next to add some horns to the mix.
I'm hoping to find some new things to listen to, my music tastes are pretty wide-ranging but am always looking for something new to sample. I'd like to see people post what they're listening to RIGHT NOW (embarrassing or not) to try out... maybe others will do the same. So I'll start... :ban:

Artist: Goldie Lookin' Chain
Song: Bad Luck
Rolling Stones, Beggars Banquet .
Les Dudek - Say no more
Tom Petty - Wildflowers

I still really enjoy listening to complete albums, which seems to be a practice that has been lost to time.
Classic in every way, and beer related too.

Kinda sad he can't get beer, on the other hand, picture a time and place when one could walk a block or two in one's neighborhood and buy a bucket of beer for the evening..;

Metaklapa - Fear of the Dark

A relatively new group that combines klapa (traditional male polyphonic singing, without instrumentals, originating from the region of Dalmatia, Croatia) and heavy metal music.
The video was shot in a renovated medieval castle in the north of Croatia and the surrounding forest and lake.