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HB Belgian Golden not Strong - Designed to be like Duvel but lower abv, I call it "Little Angel" lol - came in around 5.9% after bottling. Belgian Pils, and opted for 9% table sugar (Duvel uses 17%) + a few ounces dme to make up for a bad grind/low pre-boil gravity; Styrian Golding and Saaz; and based on some raving reviews here on the forum I used Mangrove m41, and agree it's great stuff (FG 1.003!). Very pleased with this!
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I call this mystery ale!!!!!

Grabbed what I thought was my last bottle of a brut brewed a few months back. I start that pour and think Amber ale? Wait!!!! I’ve never brewed an amber. Smells good! First taste impression is a watered down scotch type ale. Hold on a minute, my scotch type ale is darker. Second impression, wait, tastes like a………….. porter. Third impression, oh has a little bite like my spiced rye ale.

Final impression, what ever this is, it has become oxidized. 🤬


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1st sample pour of my hard raspberry lemonade. Initial impression is that it’s every bit as good, (and potentially dangerous), as folks say it is.

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Great color! I love that drink. Happy to see it was successful. It’s a great summer drink.