Wet milling/conditioning wheat malt?

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Apr 8, 2008
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Madison, WI
Never paid much attention, but for those of you who wet mill/condition your malt, do you include the wheat malt in with the barley malt when you condition? I know best practice of milling wheat malt in general is to tighten the gap, but I'm just wondering if there's any benefit/detriment to including the wheat malt in with the barley when conditioning. Common sense would suggest to separate it, as usual, since it needs the tighter gap anyway and there's no husk that would benefit from conditioning.
Even at .025 the oat malt is more completely dehusked when conditioned. I have an SOP for this process too,and it is spraying brewing liquor on the grain bill minus flakes until they stick to my hands and the sides of the bucket. Cover and proceed to the BK and HLT(if using). While heating up I fluff or stir the grist every so often and mill it when it no longer sticks to the bucket or hands. There's like no dust to speak of and it drains out of a BIAB fast. I do have a 3 roller fluted mill so it's easy to clean out the grooves.
fwiw, my wheat and oats mill is gapped at 0.019" and is of conventional knurling (ie: pita to clean anything caked on the rollers). Don't need that aggravation and the oats definitely don't need any help - sometimes it seems oats are all husk and no meat. I ground two pounds yesterday and it's amazing how much intact husk that produces...

I work out my conditioning percentage only on the husked grains that are being milled, then condition those husked grains and add in any other grains that need milling such as roasted barley. I set my gap a little smaller for wheat and rye and mill those separately without conditioning as no husk and a smaller grain size. I don't use very many malted oats so can't remember what i did with those. Probably conditioned them and milled with my barley.
I don't mill the flaked oats just sprinkle those on the top of the doughed in grains.
I use a maltzilla which has narrow but large diameter diamond coated rollers.
I set my gap at .05 - .055, three roller mill. I run a hand full of any new malts through just to visual check the crush. If it looks like a lot of whole kernels, like rye, I run those grains through twice.