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Oct 4, 2013
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Metrowest, Massachusets.
So I heard this morning on the radio that West Virginia has passed a law legalizing home distillation of spirits. Up to 5 gallons per person, 10 gallons per home with 2 or more adults.

Per NPR (audio)

So my question is, being that it's still illegal on a federal level, how does this work? And what is the chances of it becoming legal nationally, similar to home brewing and wine making?

Edit: in reading a little further, I do see that there are a few other states that do allow stills as well, and some of those that either allow distillation of spirits for home use or are fuzzy on the use. Though obviously not for sale.
So I suppose my question should be amended to: are these local laws loosening the home distillation a hint that it may become legal nationally, unless states, counties or cities/towns ban it explicitly?
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The legal situation is similar to marijuana being legal in many states, but still illegal at the federal level. In this case the feds have not bothered the states. I would expect the situation to be similar for distillation.

I would caution members to not get into discussing politics in this forum, as such discussions are only allowed in the "Debate" forum (for Supporting Members only.)

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