Welch's Juice Concentrates Discontinued.... ????

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Nov 7, 2012
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Somewhere in south Alabama
I mentioned in another thread about going out of our way to go by a Krogers Grocery Store in Opelika, Alabama because the Welch's Juice website that they carried the White Grape and Peach Concentrates. (Thirty minutes out of our way on a trip home from Georgia.) Naturally there wasn't a single can of Welch Fruit Juice Concentrate to be seen there. It kind of hacked me off so I wrote a (tongue bitten) "nice" comment to Welch's Juice about the lack of product at Krogers. Here is the complete reply from Welch's.
"Dear Mr. xxxxx:

Thank you for inquiring about the Frozen Concentrates.

Unfortunately, theses product have been recently discontinued from our product line and are no longer available. We apologize for any confusion.

Welch's Consumer Affairs. "
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Got em at my local stores here in Michigan [emoji111] Plus Old Orchard & store brands.
Well, the concentrate wasn’t much cheaper than just buying the juice from the shelf, but it’s handy for blending.
That explains what I saw recently at a Fred Meyer (Kroger's), AND Carr's (Safeway), in Wasilla, Alaska. Namely, NO Welch's grape juice concentrate. In fact, NO grape juice concentrate of ANY variety. :( I had to substitute apple juice concentrate in a fruit wine recipe.

Hey, this might not sound exciting to you but in my area I haven't seen anything but concord and apple concentrate. You mentioning using apple juice concentrate, well, that might work for a flavor-pack...I think I've seen some Old Orchard brand locally. Thanks for tweaking my gray matter!!!

Old Orchard & Wal-Mart brands available here in Michigan.

Cheers [emoji111]
Yeah, since I've been looking around I've seen very little concentrates in my area...and that's as far as 80 miles from me. Naturally some flavoring would be required for the apple juice which is definitely doable!
I do have a Walmart locally, so I will check there for grape concentrate. I haven't yet got my mind to consider Walmart for 'food'.

I checked the Walmart online, and the site indicated that Walmart (Wasilla) still sold Welch's WHITE grape juice. I went to the local Walmart, and 1) It does NOT sell ANY Welch's frozen juice, and 2) it sold only dark, frozen grape juice from one manufacturer. As far as I'm concerned, there are no surprises in the above findings.

Old orchard or great value both work as substitutes for welches as far a concord grape. I cannot speak from experience for any other flavors.
I'm not a big person on name brands. I have used primarily store brand concentrates with mostly positive success. A couple duds here and there but overall good results.

My methodology- I'll add yeast to it if it's on sale....