Weissen Bock

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Dec 7, 2007
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Boone, NC
So i just finished my first batch of what was supposed to be a Boston lager, I went to the local brew pub, Olde Hickory Brewery and had a sample of their beers. What was supposed to become Sam Adams turned into an exact replica of their beer "Weissen Bock" how did this happen, its a completely different beer? I just figured that I would tell everyone that tried it that it was weissen bock from now on.....
The beers have a some similar qualities, so it's not all that suprising. Weizenbocks have a high wheat percentage in the malt, but they're often fermented with ale yeast at lower temps or which lager yeast, and the hop profile can be somewhat similar. What was your recipe?

If you want some good info on Weizenbocks, Jamil's podcast is very good.
I just followed the kit instructions that came with it from e-brew and the advice and used the liquid lager yeast that was recommended, i though I followed them by the letter..... i guess i ended up with an ok batch either way, just a different style.