Weird house / real estate listings.

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over here, outside of the center of helsinki, you can get something decent for 100-200.000 easily, once you get where I live, you can get something nice for that money.
1 million is mansion money here. a great house in a good location here will be less than 500.000
Is that a pistachio colored Viking range in the gawdawful kitchen?? Haha
Yes. When we were looking at houses in the area I would have considered this gem, but the fact that the combination microwave+oven opposite the range was stainless steel and not a matching pistachio was just a deal breaker for me. :)
Not an actual house for sale, and probably posted as a joke on the platform I harvested it from, but imagine being a realtor trying to sell a house with this floor plan. Follow the traffic pattern carefully…

That plan can't be for real...
Supposedly, this was presented to an architectural class as an example of bad design. Whether someone actually produced plans for this layout, or it was “for demonstration purposes only” wasn’t explained in the social media post I stole the image from. I would guess that it was created as a sort of “where’s Waldo” exercise for the students to identify the flaws. They ain’t hard to spot.
Mid Century Dilapidated
"Built in 2002"

We're still puzzled after scrutinizing the 2 main living spaces, being:
1) the mostly open space concrete basement (with a ground level walkout) containing an "efficiency grade kitchen" (no cooktop/oven) 2 bathrooms, one doubling as a laundry room, plus a storage room.
2) a "2nd floor" with the nice wooden floor boards.

What's in the roof space, between the ceiling of the 2nd floor and the roof? A loft perhaps?
It looks as if there are some skylights in the 2nd floor ceiling. That roof space has glass windows, judging from the outside shots. But no stairway to get up there.
A friend of mine bought a church and has concerts and parties there. The first couple of times I attended it felt a little strange sitting in a pew and drinking beer. He's a savvy real estate guy so he probably got a good deal on it.
Not questioning your friend at all, but in the early 00's after the stock market basically crashed, our mortgage broker took her remaining stocks, sold them, bought a bunch of real-estate that tanked in the mid-late 00s.

She also tried to tell me that a deal that was worse on paper was actually better... It didn't really matter, because the current deals were the current deals, but I can add, subtract and multiply without someone's help.