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Sep 30, 2008
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I plan to brew 3-4 five gallon batches for my wedding. I plan to do a rye pale ale with columbus and cascade and a brown ale for sure. I also want an ipa and I am considering a pliny clone or the final version of blazing world from the mad fermentationist. The 4th batch will be something very light. I planned a blue moonish clone but I am considering something unspiced. What do you guys think? For those that have brewed for large groups, which beers go the quickest? All of my immediate family and friends will drink good craft beer so it is not like I will be brewing this and everyone will drink bud light.
I recently helped a friend pick out beers for his wedding, and we went with Victory Golden Monkey (tripel style), Victory Prima Pils, and Yuengling lager. All PA beers. The Golden Monkey went out very quickly.
We did a Milk Stout, and Lemon Ginger Heffe and a Simcoe Rye IPA.

The stout was the biggest hit with the usual beer drinkers. The Heffe for more of the 'wine' crowd and the IPA was the hit for the rest of us ;)
We did a RyeIPA. Five batches of the same recipe--three kegs for the reception and 100 bottles as party favors. Everyone was delighted to drink home made beer. At the end of the day it didn't matter what was on tap and having one style kept it simple. You're not going to be standing around geeking out on beer at your wedding. Just brew something everyone can enjoy.