Weber gas kettle for brewing?

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Dec 30, 2007
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Canberra, ACT Australia
I am going to be starting AG brewing very soon, and I am gathering up supplies I have a sanke keg that will be "topless" very soon, so I will have a keggle. Turkey fryers have never been introduced here in Australia, and LP burners are pretty expensive.

I have a weber kettle BBQ here that I have been given a gas conversion for. Does anyone know if this burner setup gives off enough heat to boil a keggle?

I am having trouble finding the conversion kit online, so I will update this thread when I get home with the part # and hopefully a link
see if you can find out how many BTU's it can put out.

also, how sturdy is this grill thing? remember that 7-8 gallons of wort plus the keggle is 60+ pounds. make sure its stable and sturdy.