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Dec 9, 2007
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I made the porter in How To Brew, it has been in the primary for 17 days. Tasted some of it yesterday and it seemed very watery. The only thing I did different was the LHBS guy gave me 7lb of LME instead of 6lb per recipe. Also, I don't exactly remember why, but the liquid level is 5.5 gallons. Did I accidentally step on my dick and over dilute my batch (it was a 3 gallon boil, but it did have 1 extra lb of extract). Thanks!
Many times uncarbonated beer is described as watery. You would be surprised how much body the carbonation will add.

Beyond that, I would say post the recipe you used and your OG and FG and maybe something else is going on.

I think LME gives you ~37points so 7lbsX37=259/5.5 should give you around a 1.047 OG....I think once you carbonate it , will be great, its very young....I dont think you stepped on it.....What kind of yeast did you use?
I used American Ale Dry yeast (I did keep the wraper, but am not going to dig around for it), the OG for 5 gallons was 1.052 (recipe predicted 1.048).
Port O' Palmer - Porter
Malts Gravity Contribution
6 lbs. of Pale Malt Extract (syrup) 72
1/2 lb. of Chocolate Malt 3
1/2 lb. of Crystal 60L Malt 3
1/4 lb. of Black Patent Malt 1
BG for 3 Gallons 1.079
OG for 5 Gallons 1.048
Hops IBU Contribution
1 oz of Nugget (10%) at 60 minutes 26
3/4 oz of Willamette (5%) at 40 minutes 9
1/2 oz of Willamette (5%) at 20 minutes 4
Total IBUs 39
Yeast(s) Fermentation Schedule
American Ale (liquid) Primary Ferment at 65°F for 2 weeks, or 1 wk Primary and 2 wk Secondary
Sounds good to me. Let it go and it will turn out good. I have tasted many brews that are still fermenting and they taste nasty, only to let them age, finish fermentation and package, they taste great. Don't give up yet.
I'd guess your OG reading was a little off too. It's hard to get a partial boil mixed with top off water for a truely homogenous solution. your hydro sample was 'malt heavy' so it read a few points higher. This is really common for partial boil extracts.

once its carb'd it'll have the right mouth feel.
When I was brewing extracts with steeping grains I used the same amounts you used. Seven pounds LME plus specialty grains to make 5.5 gallons. Looks great to me.