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Jan 17, 2010
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Southwestern PA
I had my well water tested recently due to gas well drilling. The results are:

ph 6.77
conductivity 612 umhos/cm
alkalinity 322.16 mg/L
acidity -261.5 mg/L
total iron <0.04 mg/L
total manganese <0.02 mg/L
sulphate 12.4 mg/L SO4-2
suspended solids 5 mg/L
chloride 3.79 mg/L
calcium 78.32 mg/L
magnesium 29.10 mg/L
total dissolved solids 428 mg/L

So mg/L = ppm, right? Looking at Palmer's water profiles, I don't have numbers for bicarbonate and sodium. Is there anything else that stands out about this? Oh, and I believe this is before it goes through our water softener, so I'm not sure how much of an effect that would have on these numbers.


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Oct 11, 2007
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QCA, Iowa
Yes, mg/L is the same as PPM.

You need either total alkalinity or bicarbonate, not both. You have the alkalinity, so you're fine there.

For anything that stands out, your alkalinity is very high, so it's going to be better for dark beers. Your chloride to sulfate ratio is skewed toward sulfate pretty good, but the values are low enough that they're easily adjusted. I would probably adjust those for any beer you do, the values really are low.

DO NOT USED SOFTENED WATER! All that will do is strip out the calcium and magnesium, making your alkalinity issue worse, and replace it with a ton of sodium.