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Sep 28, 2017
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South East
I've only brewed twice at my new (new to me) home which has ground well water. The first batch was a beautiful amber Kellerbier recipe I learned to make while living in Germany. It turned out great for the most part, but was a bit more malt forward than I expected, and almost flat tasting though it had a very stable foam.

The second brew was my first attempt at cloning Moosehead lager. The first sign of trouble was that for the first time ever I didn't hit my post boil OG even though my Pre-Boil gravity was on target. Fermentation went great with my overbuilt and harvested starter Global L13 bubbling away within 24 hours. I fined it with gelatin during the cold crash, but the beer still turned out hazy even after sitting for 3 weeks in the keg. It didn't taste quite right either. I could never figure out what off flavors I was getting, but it got worse with time so I dumped all 5 gallons from the keg after 3 weeks. I'm starting to wonder if water chemistry is hurting me, and I'd love it if some folks could check behind me since I've never adjusted water before.

Attached are two EZ water files, one for each recipe.
Are the adjustments I have planned going to help me balance out the malt/hops?
Will these adjustments be well suited for these two lagers?
Is it possible that my water chemistry has been hindering my two batches so far? It seems like my Moosehead clone would have had a ph of 5.8-5.9 with no adjustments, so would this have caused me to miss OG, cause haze, make some off flavors?

Thanks for your support


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