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Jan 2, 2008
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Wilmington, NC
The base safety officer here at Al Asad sent these out the other day. They were taken in one of the buildings here. This would make for a fairly sh!tty day (pun intended). If it's not dust storms or knuckleheads shooting at you, it's getting your anaconda bit by a cobra. On the bright side, I guess you would probably get to come home.


I am sick of these mother******* snakes in these mother******* toilets!

Seriously though, that's scary as hell. Al Udeid better not have that problem when I get there. :(
Better check my toilet when I get home! Or is this only in certain location?

But seriously, BBLLLAAAHHH, that would freak me the hell Out.
I guarantee I wouldn't have to go anymore, it'd either down my legs, or so far back up inside me I'd puke it out.
COMPLTELY OUT OF CONTEXT but the first thing I think of when I see this is the Caddyshack bit "......will you suck out the poison."

Ummmm, sorry buddy! You ain't gonna make it through this one. :p

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