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Feb 19, 2006
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Vancouver, BC
I'm wondering what everyone else does with their waste water from wort coolers and other brewing processes. I have started using mine to flush the toilet but at this point I'm just doing it manually (lifting off tank lid and pouring it in as I flush).

These instructions provide a way to setup an automatic system for rain water toilet flushing http://www.geocities.com/pmm1018/rain_barrel1.html but it seems that the barrel needs to be quite a bit higher than the toilet to provide enough pressure.

Anyone have experience with this?
You can actually flush your toilet by pouring right into the bowl too.

I collect it into a bucket usually for doing my cleanup later. Once that's full, I run it onto the lawn.
Becareful with hot water and toilets or landscaping. The water coming out of my chiller and the beginning of cooling is over 150F. At that temp it will melt the wax seal on you toilet or kill your lawn. I collect the first 3-4gals for washing up after brewing. Hot water and PBW make short wort of stuff caked onto the brew kettle.
A barrel can be used to collect the rest of the water and once cool you can water your plants or use it as desired.
The first part of it goes into a couple five gallon buckets and a five gallon pot for cleanup. After it's cooled enough, the rest goes out into the grass.