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Bulls Beers

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Sep 15, 2007
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After i drink a beer, i rinse them out. I usually flip them over on a paper towel until there dry and them put them back in the case. It's getting to be a pain. If i have a few i have bottles standing on end, Sometimes my wife bangs into them and they fall over. What do you guys do? I dont want to put them into the cases before there dry. I was thinking of getting a small pastic bin..Some nights i can drink 3,6 or many more beers and have those friggin bottles doing a balancing act in my kitchen....

It's slowing starting to annoy my wife and she's one of the most laid back girls out there..
get her drunk. :D

I go through the same thing with SWMBO. I just try to stay ahead of her and keep the bottles to a minimum. Once I get a sixer worth I take 'em into the garage and put them away.
Good thinking monster, I will get her drunk.
I like the dishwasher idea. when it's empty.
I forgot about the bottle tree. I only use it when i'm bottling, i guess i can have it out when i enjoying a pint or six...

Thanks guys..
I triple rinse and put them back in the box wet. I sanatize them all on bottling night anyway. I float 6 or 7 bottles in a large cooler with Idophor. I let them float with a few ounces in them and roll them. Thumb shake and drain, one out, one in. It goes pretty quick. Sanatized 140 bottles two weeks ago and bottled around 130. Three batches bottled and only had 44 empty 22oz bottles. The rest were 12oz.
I just rinse them, I don't worry about standing them upside down.
I run mine through the dishwasher when I've emptied them and once more before I bottle. I use the "heated dry" and I don't give a damn if it is hot enough to kill nasties or if the magic genie who lives in the rinse cycle does it, I have never had an infected bottle. I don't sanitize them at all.
I rinse them, and let them sit a little in the dish drainer in the sink. However, I am compulsively neat and hate them out, so I bought a rubbermaid (large) container with a lid and stick them in there until I have a whole bunch then wash well and store.