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Oct 29, 2007
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A mouse? In the equipment forum? What is this you ask?
I consider my laptop to be a major piece of my brewing equipment. From this site, to my recipe records, to the fact that I listen to archived Jamil shows as I am brewing, I would not want to brew with out my laptop. That being said, let me relay the warning of the drunk mouse.

DO NOT let your mouse drink. No matter how good you think your home brew is, it will not do the little guy any good. I know. I have had to learn this lesson the hard way.

I loved my mouse... he was a great little guy. Sleek, stylish, a beautiful dark grey, he was light, responsive, the perfect laptop mouse... the best one that I have owned yet.

Friday, as I was finishing up the bottling for my brothers wedding, I got down to that last partial bottle from the keg. I set it down next to the laptop so that I could enjoy it as I jotted down some final notes on the last batch (Edwort's Haus Pale). This is where everything went horribly wrong.

In my carelessness as I came back to my desk after a long day of bottling and labeling, I knocked over the uncapped bottle of beer... right onto my beloved mouse. I rescued him as quickly as I could. I cleaned him up the best I could, and then sat down to work. It was slightly annoying, but also highly amusing to see what the cursor would do as the poor little inebriated guy tried to do his job. I finished up my computing day and headed off to bed.

Imagine my horror to wake the next morning to find that my faithful companion was dead, due to my carelessness!!!

Trust me friends... dear brewing brethren... you do not want to go through the pain that I feel right now. Do not allow your mice to drink.
Sorry to hear about your tragic loss of your little friend, i'll have a couple of brews in honor of the little guy.
After the wife aka "War Department" read your thread she now knows home brewers are a special breed of people that need help in a special kind of way.
My problem is spilling bier and wine into the key pad causing problems until taken apart, rinsed and dried. Must of happened over 6 times so far. Cheers mate.

*Please only watch if you can handle somewhat non-PC material, mkay?

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