Warm storage of lager between fermentation and lagering

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Jul 28, 2015
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Hi fellow brewers,

I have a lager (Maibock) fermenting in a chest freezer (at 6°C). It is in final stages of fermentation and will be soon moved to lagering tank (HDPE barrel or 2x corny keg).

As there won't be any place in my chest freezer I would need to store Maibock somewhere else temporary. Will this warm storage (20-22°) for ~3 weeks cause any harm to lager? What about longer storage (up to couple of months)? Does anyone else have similar problem and stores lager warm between fermentation and lagering? Any ill effects observed?

I just started kegging after 40 batches. After I filled just one keg I fell in love with them and bought another 20 (they were dirt cheap). Now I am searching for solutions for storage of filled kegs that will not be tapped soon.

Thanks for replies and happy brewing!