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Jul 4, 2012
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Hi all
I am new to this site and to mead making. I made mango wine 15yrs ago and planning of making some more this year but trying to relearn the process.

I am a beekeeper and I have about 4.5 lbs of honey to make some mead. I consider my honey "Liquid Gold." Since I am new to beekeeping I have only harvested a small amount of honey. I am also using a TBH (Top Bar Hive) which doesn't give as much honey as a typical langstroth. That is why I say I consider my honey liquid gold. It is a wildflower honey. I live in Miami Florida. I live in a residential area (neighborhood) my garden is planted for pollinators and has many flowers to attract bees. I got into beekeeping for the bees and pollination. I am sure enjoying the whole process of wax rendering, honey etc. I am also benefiting from the bees and pollination. The bees forage out into the neighborhood, there are many mango, avocado, lychee, etc in the area. So that is why I say it is a wildflower honey. In the fall we have a tree called the brazilian pepper. It is an invasive tree that flowers then has little red pepper seeds. It makes a very nice amber honey. My honey is an amber colored honey with a pretty good taste. Not too light in color or taste. The spring honey has been lighter in color. The honey I have is a combination of the fall and spring honey.

I have many concerns. I have watched a video on www.stormthecastle.com
he makes a melomel with oranges and raisens. My concern is the yeast. I got Lalvin D 47 but I am concerned about the temperature. That yeast shouldn't go about 70 degrees. My ambient temperature here in Miami with airconditioning is usually 72-78 degrees. I know they are talking about the temperature of the must but how do I control this??

What yeast do you all suggest?? I don't want my mead too dry. I think i would prefer it slightly sweet. I have read a lot of recipes that say use the Lalvin D 47 or EC 118?

I just got done reading through the post:

In the process of getting everthing together. Need help with suggestions for yeast right now.