Volcano, Whitbread or Stout?

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Feb 12, 2007
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Port Townsend
I just brewed an AG sweet stout on New Year's Day. Belgian Pilsner (LHBS was out of MO), Crystal, Chocolate, Black Patent, 1.065 OG. I used Wyeast's 1099 Whitbread yeast with a 1.5l starter. Fermented in a controlled fridge at 64-66F. I used my normal 1 gallon jug half full of Starsan solution as a blow off receptacle. By the next day, I had a nice brown Starsan volcano going off in the fridge. Huge mess. I've never had a ferment like this. It looks to be nearly complete at less than 3 full days, no more bubbling.

I've seen a few posts on very active stout ferments, but nothing specific to the Whitbread yeast.

Anyone else experience anything like this?