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Virtual Home-brew Competition

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MIchael JE

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May 27, 2020
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Hi Folks,

I run a brewery and pub, Western Herd Brewing Co in Co Clare in Ireland and we are running a virtual home brew competition.

In a nutshell we will select the top 5 entries which we will then brew on a small scale in the brewery and distribute to friends of ours in the beer community. We will then have a live online virtual judging and a winner will be chosen chosen live online.
The winning beer will then be brewed on a commercial scale, canned, kegged ( presuming pubs in Ireland are open at that stage!) and distributed nationwide to our retail friends.

While we would be delighted to drink them it would be counter productive submitting barrel aged beers or other time dependent beers as the time frame does not suit them.
We are asking all brewers to submit 2 bottles please.

Entries are to be submitted by the 17th July to Western Herd Brewing, Kilmaley, Co Clare, Ireland. More details can be found on the Western Herd Facebook page.

Thanks to Yooper to allow me to post this here.
I'll do my best to answer any questions you have.

Happy brewing!