Vinegar as vessel cleaning option

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Dec 13, 2016
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Ive read that the vinegar bacteria can/would spoil future produce..but my idea is to use it to clean some food grade plastic containers now - then rinse it and dry it and leave it like that for future use in about 3-4 months - so question is will any possible leftover traces of bacteria be able to survive in that conditions?
Natural vinegar contains acetobacter, but distilled (or concentrated) vinegar doesn't.

I would clean with Washing Soda, Oxiclean, or (homemade) PBW. Then if needed, use an acid treatment to remove scale or beerstone, but chances are that won't be necessary.

Don't forget to sanitize right before your next use. Use Starsan or a rinse free Iodine product.
But better than either iodine or Starsan is K-meta as a sanitizer. Why better? Because at lower concentrations K-meta is used to inhibit oxidation and wine makers tend to add K-meta every time they rack to ensure that there is enough free SO2 in solution to bind to any O2 before the O2 binds to fruit.
But K-meta is not a cleaner. Your equipment must be clean before you use this to sanitize. You spray it on or fill up a container with .. No need to get this on your hands.