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For the love of beer!
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Sep 27, 2005
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Cheshire, England
Walk in to any Indian restaurant in the UK and they will have Curries listed and rated for strength.

A few things to note
  • Curry is pretty much a English invented term to encompass Indian spice meals/stew.
  • Most of the curries on the menu will be UK inventions and you'll have great difficulty finding the same dish in India
  • The king of the curries, the Vindaloo is actually a Portuguese dish. Vindaloo means Vinegar and Garlic. It was traditionally a pork dish.
  • The Goans took the dish, added thier own style and it is now an authentic Indian dish used for special occasions.
This is the Orfy version of a classic Indian dish pinched from a renown Indian hotel.

Pictures first. (More to follow)





The recipe.

I'm using Lamb, traditionally you use pork but use what ever you want. Chicken, prawns, beef.

Masala (The mix)

I use dried chillies. The hotness of this dish is set by whether you deseed the chillies or not. I took half the seed out.
Dice and precook the potatoes.

chillies (Rehydrated)
Cumin Seed
Cloves (20ish)
Peppercorn (20ish)
Garlic (Full Head)
Indian vinegar - Goan Palm Vinegar (If not available use cider vinegar)

Grind all the spices, coarsely mince all the chillies and garlic.
Mix with the vinegar. Mix with the meat and leave a while.

Sauté the onion in ghee (purified butter) do not colour.
Add the meat and colour. Take until the mixture is thickened and just starting to stick to the bottom.
Add water to generously cover the meat and simmer until the meat is tender. At this point add the potatoes and leave on a really low heat until the potatoes fall apart. It can be finished in the oven on a very low heat.

This dish is good to serve from the pan but it is better the next day.

I'll post the finished dish when it's done if I'm not to druck.
Looks swell, Orf!

I have Madhur Jaffrey's book (my SIL gave it to me) and I have been thinking of making the Vindaloo. I am on a heat binge! I made the traditional Chicken with tomatoes dish this Saturday.
TheJadedDog said:
Why must you always taunt me, first pubs, now UK Indian restaurants, honestly man, it's just not nice :D

Yeah seriously. That's why my honeymoon includes a lay-over in London. My mouth is watering...
Vindaloo Orfy.

Served with fermented rice cake. (idli) and popadom and a quintessential English Pale ale. (HB of course)

Just missing a pickle but this is for SWMBO and she doesn't like pickles.
Looks great as usual, but you are eating it out of a bowl clearly labeled for olives ;)
Well, once again you've impressed me (and my husband!) with your culinary vision. Bob said he's amazed that you cook like that all the time- and he's jealous. Good thing you're so far away, I'd be afraid he leave me for you!

That looks fantastic, and we're going to try it at home sometime soon.
I'm shocked you didn't work up an AG Cobra or Kingfisher Clone, orfy. Managed two curries in 6 days in the UK - and that was over Xmas with all the associated traditional meals. Woohoo!
Orfy how do you think the flavor profile would suit using wild game (venison, duck, pheasant) instead of pork or lamb? Ive got quite a bit of game meat lying around looking for a new creative recipe as such.
Orfy, that looks awesome; I think I can smell it from here. I find after a few pints, a vindaloo is the only thing intense enough to really stimulate the taste buds. And of course, nothing washes it down like a nice bottle of Flying Horse.
mr_stimey said:
Orfy how do you think the flavor profile would suit using wild game (venison, duck, pheasant) instead of pork or lamb? Ive got quite a bit of game meat lying around looking for a new creative recipe as such.

It'll go well. It needs a strong meat to show through.
I love curries and cooking Indian/Southeast Asian cuisine. Most of what I make is vegetarian, since my girlfriend is a no-meat type, and I'm not huge on preparing meat dishes anyway (slimy, disgusting to handle stuff).
Just want to bump this one up so I can let you all know, I am making this Vindaloo tonight.

I'll let you know how it comes out.