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Jan 7, 2008
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I have about 5 oz of dried leaf hops that I picked up at Hopfest at Brooklyn Brewery this week. These were from John Segal of the Segal Hop Ranch in the Yakima, Washington area. There were about 3oz of Northern Brewer, and 2oz of an experimental variety called 7272.

How would I use these in place of pellets? Is it 1 to 1 substitution or ??? I know that you use a lot more fresh wet hops, but I don't know about dried. These are fresh dried too, ready for shipment to a brewery, and very aromatic.

I wish I knew more about the 7272 too. He described it as having a coconut flavor to it, like no other hop he's seen. He's seen a lot too, his father started the farm in 1948 after also having a hop farm in NY state before the crop crashed. His father also was the developer of Cascade hops. I don't know alpha/beta specs.

I want to use them in my next brew, which calls for 1oz Cascade, and 3/4oz Perle. Maybe I should sub the Perle with the Northen Brewer and the Cascade with the 7272? This is supposed to be my Beach Blond Ale. It was to use Wyeast Northwest yeast, but I may go with a Saison instead. (I also just visited the Ommegang brewery in Cooperstown NY, all of their beers are fermented at 75 using a Saison type yeast.)