Using fresh fruit without infection?

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Jun 21, 2012
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So I was hanging out with one of the writers for Beer Magazine, a so cal monthly. and He gave me a taste of his blackberry saison. it was amazing. He told me he used fresh blackberries right off the bush in the secondary. So I was thinking, how do I use fresh fruit in a secondary fermentation, without getting bacteria and wild yeast?

should i do a quick blanche, steam, bake? i would think all these methods would take away the fresh flavor, although i would probably just need to blanche the skin really quick and not let it cook through.


I want to break my 5 gal batch into 5 1 gallon secondaries and experiment with different fruits and spices. including fresh figs from my inlaws fig tree that are delicious right now.
When I used huckleberries, I just put them in water (only about enough to cover them) and heated it up to 180 for ten minutes. Then I threw them into the carboy and racked on top of them.