Using electrical kettle to fill my brew pot. II

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Dec 24, 2009
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I posted this question a week ago and my questions were never answered, so I was hoping that some new blood will help me out.

I am using a 7-cup electrical kettle to fill my 8-gallon brew pot. After steeping my specialty grains I have around 1.5 gallons of water in at 150 deg. I then turn up the heat on my stove to high and start to add boiling water from my electrical kettle. By the time I have just over 2.5 gallons in the pot I am at a full boil. For my last two batches I have decided to start to add my DME slowly at this point. I will add a couple of cups of DME with each 7 cups of water.

Am I doing anything that will mess with the flavors of my beer in any way?

Should I start my hop additions after I have all my DME in, usually around 4 gallons +/-, or should I wait until I have my target 6.5 gallons


Jan 1, 2010
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Atlanta, GA
The only effect adding the DME prior to your "boil" is that you will end up with a slightly darker color than your target. The longer the wort is boiled, the darker it will get. If your IBUs are estimated with the full boil then you should add them when you reach your full volume then start your "boil". Adding early will make it harder to estimate your hop utilization. Because you have a moving target on your volume and boil gravity. :mug: