us plastics as a conical question

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Dec 14, 2008
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I got my hands on a us plastics 8551 15 gallon inductor for a fermenter, its looking like I should have paid the extra to get a 8784 (full drain). My question is if anyone is using this as a fermenter how do you go about getting the last little bit of sanitizing solution out of it? Or is the 2-3 oz of residual sanitizer that would collect around the bottom port not a significant factor?
Thanks Brad
If you're using Star San, don't fear the foam! You can rack wort right on top of the residual foam, and all it will do is add some extra nutrients for the wort.

I know I probably just opened up a huge can of worms, and I don't really want to start the whole foam/no foam arguement again.
indeed i am using star san, however its more an issue of the small volume of liquid that can collect around the the raised ridge of the out port of this bad boy, then foam that I am concerned about.