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For Sale [Upstate, SC] Price Reduced - 4 Tap Keezer, 2 CO2 Tanks w/ regulators, 5 Kegs, 10 Fermenters, Accessories, Bits, Bobs for Sale - Sold

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Sep 28, 2012
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Sold Thanks all.
--Price Reduced--
Looking for $1,000 for everything (OBO), and would like to get rid of it all at once, but I am amenable to offers. I have already sold the brewing equipment, but had to wait for my kegs to empty to sell these items. I have some people who only want the kegs, but would rather sell it all at once. Feel free to make on offer, as the keezer is just in the way now.

List of equipment I am looking to get rid of:
(1) 4 Tap keezer (has room for 5 kegs, or 4 + CO2 Tank and Regulator), has spring-loaded taps and drip tray
(1) Inkbird Controller (never used, original packaging)
(5) Corny Kegs
(1) party Keg Carrier (I use this to take a keg to a party or something, has room for ice around the corny keg, the blue thing in the pics)
(2) CO2 Tanks and Regulators - I think 1 is 20 pound and another is 10 (maybe 5) pound
(7) Big Mouth Bubbler Fermenters, with carry/lifting straps, and upgraded gasketed push on lids
(2) 12 gallon fermenters w/ ratcheting lids
(1) 7.5 gallon bucket fermenter, with lid
(2) floating hydrometers, one for beer and one for distillate
(1) Refractometer

racking canes, scale, air locks, chemicals, cleaning agents, other miscellaneous doodads and thingamabobs.

Thanks for looking, and happy brewing.


  • Fermenters and Party Carrier.jpg
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