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For Sale (upstate NY) BCS Ebrewsupply Panel / Blichman G1 kettles / Pumps

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Feb 3, 2011
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Since my most recent move to upstate NY (18 months ago) I realized I have way too much brewing gear that is just sitting and not being used. Time to offload some of this stuff and clear up some space in my garage. Originally this started as a 3 vessel HERMS system but has been a 2V in its last iteration.

$1400 for all Pickup only. Currently located in the Albany NY area. May consider parting it out too.

30A BCS Ebrewsupply panel
4 Temp probes
1 TC element
1 box style element - Installed on 15G kettle
NO main power cord
2 Chugger stainless center inlet pumps
15 Gal Blichmann G1 Mash tun with false bottom, hole punched for sparge fitting.
15 Gal Blichmann G1 Kettle. Originally punched for HERMS coil but had recirc fittings for 2V
10 Gal Blichmann G1 Kettle. Welder F***ed up the TC ferrule, looks clean outside but not on the inside. Use for water only and it works great, would not use for wort.
Blichmann Autosparge

A bunch of NPT and camlock fittings to configure this in any way you can think of.


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