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African Bronze Honey Company
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Apr 6, 2020
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One of our favorite customers is New Belgium Brewing from Colorado. They use our honey in their Honey Orange Tripel, and have done for the past 3 years. Their R&D Sourcing Specialist, Dave Glor, says:​

“We’ve brewed with dozens of honey varietals over the years. We chose to use African Bronze in our Honey Orange Tripel because of its distinct flavor attributes and aroma qualities that are unlike any other we’ve used. It’s an added bonus that they’re a fellow B-Corp like us and working to use business as a force for good.”
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Here are a few more good reasons to give us a try in your brewing:​
  • Unique Taste – A fermentable with a past, ancient style honey. This is honey the way it used to be. Notes of toffee, whisky, malt and wilderness forests.​
  • Sustainable – Our honey is sustainable. Wild African bees, hand made hives, gathered from vast wilderness areas and national parks. It protect forests and provides incomes for 10,000 beekeepers across Africa.​
  • Versatile – Create distinctive Beer, Braggot, Mead, Kombucha, Jun, Cider, Shrubs or your newest creation. Carbonate, bottle condition or ferment. This honey makes any brew stand out!​
** Buy a 500 g bottle to sample and get a credit when you purchase a bulk product later **

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