unrefrigerated hops, ruined or not?

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May 1, 2022
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Minnesota, USA
I just noticed that I'd left two opened, but taped up, 1-oz packets of hops pellets sitting on my shelf, rather than back in the freezer. There's a half ounce left in each, so it's not a huge loss if they are ruined from the lack of cold temperature. They were opened and taped back up 10 days ago. The room is cool (65 to 68F) but not cold. Anyways, should I throw them out? One was a 16.2% AA Columbus, the other a 5.6% AA Kent Goldings.
That! ^

If they smell cheesy (like Parmesan), I'd toss them. But 2 weeks at room temps in a resealed package shouldn't cause that.
Freezer storage in flushed/purged or even better, vacuum sealed bags is recommended. They can last for many, many years that way.
1. You could use them as a bittering-only addition.

2. Leave them out for about a year and they will go from cheesy to raisiny and you could use them to bitter a sour/wild-ferment.