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Mar 12, 2010
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We all know the awesomeness of @BrunDog Here is yet another data point......

I am a willing-to-learn, but very novice DIYer. I love the idea of putting together my own system instead of just punting to picobrew or the like. But, there was no way that I was going to be able to climb the learning curve to build a BruControl hardware system. Luckily, Pete has been working his way down the stack of expertise to create the Uniflex for mere mortals like me.

My 3v2p automated electric HERMS system is going to have thermos, pumps, and elements which are easy to plug into the Uniflex. It will also have 9 automatic valves, one proportional valve, and a float switch. All of those have to be wired into the 24 pin connector.

While Pete has tried to make it as straightfwd in his instructions as possible, a lot of it still goes over my head. To Pete's credit....rather than telling me the answers, he let me struggle through trying to figure them out and coached me to it. No doubt it took way more of his time, than it would have if he just asked me what I was trying to do and then sent over a wiring diagram.

The things I learned are
  1. You need to focus on the overall DC voltage of the devices you are plugging in to make sure they match what uniflex is expecting.
  2. Voltage matching includes the output expectation for the proportional valve. If the ranges don't match-up, you would need to be super careful with the software or you could blow something out.
  3. terminal blocks are key. This may be an obvious electrical technique, but not to a newbie. I am sending all my grounds to a terminal block and driving my external power through one as well. No daisy chaining
  4. Despite having 30amps of power going into the Uniflex, it still needs separate power sources for some of the devices. You generally want a 5amp powered device for this.
Linked is the diagram that he coached me towards. I know it is not a "real" electrical diagram, but he was kind enough to go with what I sent rather than raising the learning bar even higher. I hope this email and the attached diagram is helpful to other Uniflex newbies so that we can avoid taxing Pete too much.

Wiring Diagram

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