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For Sale Unibräu All In One Electric Brew System - Turnkey Setup!

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Apr 25, 2021
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You won't find a better deal for an entire electric setup for brewing, fermenting, bottling AND kegging! Included is a kegerator and a temp controlled fermentation chamber. The setup is 100% complete and can get you brewing today. Im sadly giving up home-brewing so EVERYTHING must go. Reduced to $1100 because I desperately need the space in my garage; located in Chantilly, Virginia. The system includes lots more than listed, but some highlights are below:

-Original 120V Unibrau 10G All-in-one electric system. The link to the latest version of the system is below. Mine is closest to the “Standard System” trim level: 10G Unibräu All In One Electric Brew System 120V
-Stainless Steel Cart
-1 x 5 gallon ball lock kegs
-2 x 2.5 gallon ball lock kegs
-Cereal Killer Grain Mill
-Grifo Bottle Capper and bottle caps, 39 x bottles, 2 plastic bottle carrying crates, bottle drying rack
-Kegerator, Keg Supplies and CO2 canister (240V - requires included transformer)
-Fermentation Chamber Freezer - great for lagering with Ink Bird temp control (240V - requires included transformer)
-240V transformer for kegerator and fermentation chamber
-Refractometer and pH meter
-LeMotte Water Test Kit
-Erlenmeyer Flask and Magnetic Stirrer
-2 x different size hop baskets
-Misc. cleaning supplies, hoses, buckets, cleaning supplies, etc.

Please only contact if seriously interested. Not willing to sell separately right now and buyer must pick up. Thanks!


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