Ugly arse kegs

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Dec 27, 2007
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I just bought 2 ball lock cornies and they look rough. Is there any way to clean up the outside so they don't look so bad. I know it's the inside that counts, but I don't want them looking like they were drug here behind a truck.
I thought for sure that this was going to be another post related to BM's shrapnel keggle.

How do you clean it with Barkeeper's friend? Scrub with it on the outside? Soak it?
If it is really scratched up and you want to really work it out, load up some 220 grit paper into a power sander of some type. Then move to 400 grit. It won't shine at this point but it will look realy clean and uniform.
olllllo said:
You can work your way up to 1000 and get a mirror finish if you want.

You wouldn't have enough time to brew then....
If I wasn't so cheap I would have bought new kegs, I think i'll try the bar keeper's friend first, thanks for all the fast help, this forum rules!:rockin: