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Jan 1, 2007
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I’m going to do a chocolate stout. I have tried cocoa powder and chocolate extract route and wasn’t to impressed with adding cocoa powder. When I added the cocoa powder (dissolved in hot water) to the wort it turned it to the color of Yoo Hoo. Over time it darkened in the fermenter, but when I cleaned the trub out of the fermenters, the trub was the color of the wort after the powder was first added. It seemed to lose much of the chocolate flavor. I have heard of using cacoa nibs. What other methods of adding chocolate have you all experimented with?
My first attempt using chocolate was with Hershey's unsweetened powder. It had a bitter taste to it though and just did not come out right. The second I switched to Ghiradelli unsweetened powder and it was much better.

I've also heard that high-quality European unsweetened chocolate bars are a good source of chocolate flavor, though I have yet to use those. Good luck whatever you use.