Two Kegerators? Or one Keezer

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Oct 16, 2018
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In the process of rebuilding my basement, including complete redesign of my bar and brewing area. I've been using a 7cuft Insignia freezer that i built into a 4 tap keezer for the last 4 years and it works great, however in the redesign of my bar area, i've been toying with the idea of changing it up. The keezer i currently has just BARELY fits 4 corny kegs, and even then 1 of them has to be a short corny to fit on the hump and still have clearance to close the lid. If i want to put a Sanke style sixtel, or even bigger, forget about having more than 3 kegs in there. The collar i have is small enough to allow the keezer to fit under the countertop i had on my old bar. Its also a pain to left heavy ass kegs up and down, and have to pull the keezer out from under the bar if i want to open the lid (i have it on rollers). The easy fix, is to pull it out from under the bar, put it against the wall, increase the height of the collar, and just deal with lifting the kegs.

But lately i've been considering the idea of going with two dual tap kegerators instead. The pros are having easy access to pull kegs in and out, more room inside and flexibility where i can have 4 sixtels, 4 cornys, or even something bigger in one Kegerator, and still have the other for 2 sixtels or cornys. Also having the tower puts the taps a little bit higher for easier pouring and i can have a drip tray underneath.

Anyone do something similar? Or are Keezers just so economically viable, thats what most people go with


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Aug 14, 2014
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Manchester, NJ
Does the kegerator need to be under the bar? Is there's an interior wall behind the bar? You could put the keezer behind the wall and run that taps through the wall? If the fridge needs to be under the bar, how about putting hinges on the bar top and flipping it up when you need to change kegs?