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Sep 21, 2007
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I am selling two fermentors.
Both are jacketed 15 gallon capacity glycol fermentors.

First fermentor is from Brewers Hardware.
It was purchased in 2017, and has been maintained properly. Perfect working condition.
Comes with all the accessories that came with it (refer to the listed website for information).

I am asking $1100 for this fermentor.

Second fermentor is from Glacier Tanks
I purchased this from an individual off this site, about 3 years ago. I am unsure when it was originally purchased by him.
The fermentor is in excellent working condition, and comes with all accessories as well.
It does appear that the one that Glacier Tanks currently offers, is a bit different than the one I have (extra ports up front).
However, this one works great, and I have no complaints.

I am asking $1500 for this fermentor.

Both fermentors are currently in operation, awaiting sale.
The reason for selling these fermentors, is because I need larger ones.
These are located at a Brewpub in Commerce, Texas (NE of Dallas).

Please contact me through PM
These are first come first serve - no holds.

If you are interested in both fermentors, I am willing to make a deal, but won't give them away either.

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