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Apr 11, 2013
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I am interested in joining a homebrew club in the Twin Cities. There are a number of local clubs listed on the AHA website, but its hard to tell which ones are active, and what the clubs' philosophies/culture are all about. A couple of clubs that jumped out to me due to their websites are the St. Paul Homebrew Club, the Minnesota Brewers Association and the Nordeast Brewers Club. Can anyone give any insight as to how welcoming these (or other) clubs are to new members, how big they are, how active they are, focus on education/socializing/competition/mix, or any other characteristics? As for what I am looking for, I would like a club that includes brewers of all levels, educates its members without being over-the-top critical (its a hobby, after all), and is made up of regular folks of all walks who just want to periodically talk about and brew good beer. Thanks much for any insight!
Oct 6, 2017
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IMO, three good clubs, all (likely to be) virtual in 2021. Maybe join all three for a year & see where it goes?

FWIW, based the club affiliation of people who "medal" in regional home brew competitions (MN Mashout, Hoppy Holloween, MN State Fair, NBA Homebrew competition), there appear to be some active clubs in the Monticello / Big Lake / St Cloud area and in the Rochester area. Also, chatting with brewers at one of your local / regional craft breweries may help find clubs in that are local to the brewery.

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