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TURNKEY SsBrewtech 1bbl nano brewery

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Jul 23, 2013
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TURNKEY SsBrewtech 1bbl Nano Brewery For Sale: $23,400.00

We are about to open our brewery and are upgrading to a larger system. We have only had this system for 10 months and have brewed 15 times on it. Thought we would be able to employ it in our business plan, but alas we have come to the conclusion that it won't work for what we need. We made some incredible beer on this machine and honestly I am VERY sad to see it leave. Absolutely nothing is wrong with this system. Just movin on up!

Email [email protected] for more information.

crating and shipping cost will be on the buyer. You will need to find someone in Houston who can crate and ship the items to you from my house, or for a fee and within reasonable distance we can deliver.

Here is all that you get!

1bbl Brewhouse
1bbl Jacketed Unitank FV
1bbl Jacketed Unitank FV
3/8hp Glycol chiller
Potable water plastic conical (CLT) w/ stand
RO Filter for CLT
Stainless head chugger pump
FtSs Jacketed Unitank temp kit
FtSs Jacketed Unitank temp kit
Inline oxygenation kit
Dry hop Manifold
Inline triclamp filter
Various length silicone hoses with Triclamp ends/gaskets/clamps (4)
SS CIP ball 3" TC pro
Sight glass 7.5"
Diaphragm valve 1.5" TC

Feel free to ask me any questions!