Illinois Turnkey 15 Gallon Propane RIMS Blichmann Toptier Tower of Power System

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Jul 8, 2016
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ASKING $1500 For Sale in Springfield, IL
Not separating at this time, trying to sell as a turnkey system.
I don’t have a truck so I can’t help deliver, but I can have it disassembled and ready to go for buyer.
Can be used to make 5 or 10 gallon batches.
Over $3500 invested in this at retail.

Blichmann Toptier Stand w/ 3 Hellfire Burners.
+ 0-30psi adjustable regulator.
+ 40lb Propane Tank
+ Toolbox with all cables, manuals, accessories, and tools required for assembly.

Blichmann Tower of Power Propane Controller w/ Pump
+ Custom high temp silicone hoses with stainless camlock connections.
+ Customized camlock connections on all valves & pump.

Blichmann G1 10 Gallon HLT

Spike v3 15G Mash Tun + Sight Glass + Spike False Bottom

Bru-Gear 15 Gallon Boil Kettle

Custom built hop spider with hop bags.

Custom built Loc-Line RIMS manifold/sparge assembly.

Custom whirlpool arm with clamp.

Jaded Hydra Immersion Chiller
Can include my BeerSmith equipment profiles if needed.