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Turn-Key Home Brew Sculpture - 10 Gal More Beer Tippy Dump

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Apr 22, 2010
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San Diego
I am selling my MoreBeer 10 gallon Tippy Dump HERMS because I need to downsize the home brewery. Every piece was purchased new and kept in my garage, covered and out of our harsh San Diego elements. This is a turn-key set-up that can brew up to approx. 11 gallons of wort depending on style and OG.

· Stainless sculpture with three individual burners (propane)

· Stainless camlock ½” quick disconnects purchased from BrewHardware.com at every connection

· Stainless 15-gallon HLT with stainless ball valve and analog thermometer

· Stainless 15-gallon MLT with stainless ball valve, stainless thermowell for temp probe

· Stainless false bottom with pick-up tube

· Stainless 15-gallon BrewBuilt boil kettle with stainless ball valve and whirlpool fitting

· Ranco digital controller w/float switch for precise mash temp control and consistent fly sparging

· 25-foot copper heat exchanger (HERMS) with stainless ½” camlock quick disconnect fittings

· Stainless sparge arm for HERMS recirculation and fly sparging

· Copper counter-flow chiller with camlock quick disconnects

· All ½” silicone tubing to brew right away

I am not able to ship, local pick-up in San Diego

Asking $2,750